Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Giving up for Good.

I love snacks. Especially crunchy, spicy, salty, oil-bursting, acne inducing, and heart-clogging snacks. It really doesn't help when I live right by the Mexican border where papas locas, churros locos, churritos, chicharrones, etc (you know where I'm getting at, right?) are plentiful. I was once an unhealthy snack survivor and now that I've fallen back in the arms of Takis locos, my health and waistline has shifts to it's new form. In tearful honesty I am now a pimply and flabby Chinese girl with 0% sex appeal.

That's my grubby hand going for some Japanese peanuts.

So now that I've shared this with you, I want to make changes. Starting tomorrow I'll be cutting down a lot of fatty fried foods from my diet and savor fresh foods a little more. I'll be blogging and showing recipes to those who have fallen like me, especially to those whose first item on their new year's resolutions list were either to "lose weight, eat healthy, and/or exercise more". However, we are in April so I'll be calling this my trimester resolutions.

To those who don't give a damn about healthy recipes, no worries! I'll put up other sweet and savory recipes  about once a week (if time permits).

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